We coach people as they pursue personal, professional, and running milestones


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"The Milestone Pursuit" describes what we do to help people. We help them set their goals (milestones) and then develop the step by step plan, often over many months or even years to execute them (the pursuit).

We do this in endurance coaching and in business.

The Milestone Pursuit in Running

We offer high quality coaching for people of all abilities involving carefully planned training programmes designed to meet their running milestones.

Let's get started

"I ran Berlin in 3h38m, which is a 49 minute PB. In the course of my training, I also knocked 5 mins off my 5k time, 8 mins off my 10k time and 19 mins off my HM time. Apart from my wedding day, I don’t think I’ve ever been this happy!"

The Milestone Pursuit in Business

For leaders, we help turn your business strategy into reality by developing people’s mindsets to think and act as athletes do, empowering them to deliver their best.

For teams, we use lessons from sport to teach principles to help you set motivating, achievable goals and for people to work skilfully together to deliver work of the highest quality.

For individuals, we develop your mindset to think like an athlete, supporting you as you set and deliver objectives that align with both your business goals and your personal career goals.

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