Coaching people as they pursue personal, professional and running milestones using:

Patience Discipline Courage

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What can you expect from The Milestone Pursuit?


The Milestone Pursuit provides high quality coaching for people of all abilities involving carefully planned training programmes designed to meet specific milestones.

While centred around running, our philosophy extends way beyond that as the processes and mindsets that athletes need to hit their goals are the same as those that people and businesses require to hit their personal or professsional milestones.

We help people design programmes to deliver their milestones, in running and in life.

In creating those programmes we will collectively discover what milestones you want to pursue and crucially, why. Whether it’s for a marathon training plan, a parkrun 5k or a promotion at work, ignore the ‘why’ at your peril:

What about the other half?


First, you have to plan your pursuit. Standard training plans take no account of you, your circumstances or your milestones. Any training plan developed by The Milestone Pursuit will be 100% tailored to you and your pursuit. It will also be dynamic; regular amendments are made based on your progress.

So you know what your milestones are and you have a plan to meet them, what now? This is where your pursuit really begins.

When pursuing your milestones there are character traits that you need to draw upon and in return character traits that you develop.

Valuing three character traits above all others, The Milestone Pursuit leans on your Patience, your Discipline and your Courage as well as your capabilities and focusses your training around them.

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