The Milestone Pursuit is a coaching and training business that provides:


NB – The Milestone Pursuit treats everyone as an individual with specific requirements and as such there are no standard pricing packages.

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Running Coaching

We love coaching people and have created a number of approaches to do that.







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  1. TRAINING PLANS – for any event, distance and current capability, we will produce a bespoke day by day training plan that takes account of you, your experience, your capability and your lifestyle. The rest is up to you.
  2. ONGOING COACHING – we produce the best results when we have ongoing relationships with our athletes. We will create a bespoke day by day training plan and then adapt that plan on the go to meet your needs, as your needs will change based on your performance. Frequent direct communication with your coach via any one of a number of channels is a necessity.
  3. COACHING WITH EXPERT PSYCHOLOGIST SUPPORT –  Learn how to unlock your emotions to physical benefit by working with a sports psychologist..
  4. JUST RUN – Just how it sounds. A no-frills, easy to access coaching programme. We give you 3 sessions a week, you run them whenever you can (within some rules). Too easy (it’s just the running that might be hard!).
  5. TECHNICAL ASSESSMENT – Performance improvements can come from greater fitness levels and also from more efficient running mechanics. We’ll analyse your technique and help you learn how to become an even better runner.
  6. NEWSLETTERS – Sign up to our exclusive monthly newsletters for exclusive insights that will improve your running. These newsletters will also include details of the locations and timings of our unique pop-up run clubs where you can run with others to get more out of yourself

While centred around running, our philosophy extends way beyond that as the processes and mindsets that people and businesses require to hit their goals are the same as those that athletes need to hit theirs

Corporate Training Programmes – Turning Business strategy into Reality


Strategies are only ever as good as their execution. Many businesses set ambitious goals, usually once a year, but lose momentum once the reality of day to day life gets in the way. We are a team of skilled coaches, psychologists and elite athletes that help turn business visions into reality by treating people and teams as sportsmen/women and help them to;

  • set clear and motivating personal and team goals
  • work through the actual and perceived barriers
  • set a plan to deliver the goals and adjust that plan along the way.

We do this using neuroscientific principles and methods that have worked at elite (Olympic) level sport in workshops and a series of ongoing 1-1 sessions.

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Corporate Wellness programmes


Staff wellness, morale, and productivity have never been more important.

We lead that through in-house Run Clubs , managing team off-sites including “Sports Days” and providing motivational talks on the mental and physical health benefits of the simplest and purest form of exercise, Running:

“My overall day has been more productive and focused with mid-day running and exercising in this (run) club”. 


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Investment into British elite marathon running


We allocate a percentage of our client’s investment into a unique fund to support under-funded British elite marathon runners in their pursuit of international glory.

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