Jo – after finishing London 2019 in 3.11

Over the moon –  very happy with the run, but also really happy with my psychology and approach during the race. I guess when the training is right the psychology is easier, but I felt mentally prepared to take on the distance and confident in my ability to deal with the tougher mental moments, which is something I’ve struggled with in my previous 3 marathons and in shorter races. I started being coached by Steve in Nov 2017 and haven’t looked back. I ran 3.11 at this year’s (2019) London Marathon – taking 26 mins off my previous time, and have run PBs across all other distances, all times I never thought remotely possible for myself. But more importantly, I’ve also developed a passion for the sport that’s now a huge part of my life, and that’s definitely in part been down to Steve’s structured planning and encouragement along the way. Thanks Steve!


The accountability a bespoke training provides really helps with motivation keeps you focussed on goals. The regular feedback and discussion on performances is really helpful in assessing progress


I’ve always been self coached and love geeking out on the science of running. Since starting to work with Steve I’ve Pb’d over every distance and taken 12 minutes off my marathon time over two cycles and I’m in my 40s and was already running sub 3. Steve is always available, he knows when to push me and when to hold me back and that’s been the key to training consistently and constantly improving

Carl (2h 36 for the marathon)

Over 5 marathon build-ups in 3.5 years, the coaching I receive continues to push me to train and perform at my best, and engages me as an active participant in shaping the path to achieving my running goals.


I started working with Steve Hobbs in 2016 when he created a training plan for my second marathon (London 2017). I was keen to have a bit more structure and accountability to keep motivated throughout the tough training period. After an initial chat on the phone, Steve put together a plan that suited me and my work schedule. I was working in Rwanda at the time, and travelling to remote rural parts of the country, so flexibility was a key component of the plan. Steve was in regular contact, and quickly worked out the pacing that I needed. Steve is very personable, approachable, and knowledgeable. I improved my marathon time at London 2017 by 13 minutes (3:42 to 3:29). I was so pleased with the first training plan that I have continued to work with Steve for two more marathons, and improved each time (London 2018 3:26; London 2019 3:19). This type of training really suits me as I have to travel quite a bit for work, and am working towards a PhD so have a fairly busy work schedule. Highly recommend Milestone Pursuit for anyone who would like to achieve their running goals.

Jess (3.12 at Chicago 2018)

I’m determined to keep improving, and having a coach has definitely helped me improve, so I’m keen to continue working together. Thanks for putting together a great training program – I really enjoyed it. I’m already missing running after a few days off but once I fully recover I can’t wait to start working towards my next goals.

Verity (3.53 at the 2019 Manchester Marathon)

Thank you I have enjoyed working with you. The plan and support you gave me has helped me progress and given me confidence in myself as a runner and a person.

Helen on completing the 2019 London Marathon in 4h 06 (a 39 minute PB)

Thank you for all your time and thought. I really enjoyed working together on my marathon goal and learnt a lot! I feel that you ‘got me’ and didn’t enforce your model of what you thought success would be for me.”

Charlie (London 2019 in 2.51)

I really enjoyed the range of different sessions and gradually incorporating the quicker speeds into the longer sessions. everything felt like  it had a clear purpose