Looking for coaching that would challenge me in new ways

I ran the race of my life at the London Marathon 2016

After 13 marathons including many substantial improvements along the way, I was looking for coaching that would challenge me in new ways in preparation for the 2016 London Marathon. I had made improvements in recent years in the full marathon, but gains were limited to a few seconds here and there. The training I received from Steve gave me the structure and the discipline to challenge and push myself through uncharted territory in the months of marathon training, and the ongoing support I received from Steve gave me the confidence and reassurance that I was up to the task, both in training and racing. I ran the race of my life at the London Marathon 2016, snagging a 3min PB of 2:36 to add to my newly acquired half marathon PB of 73 minutes.

What I get most from training with Steve is that he understands the challenges of training at the high level I have committed to, while also understanding the challenges of pursuing these goals in the middle of a busy life.


Keen to listen to goals to improve

ran a 49m PB in Berlin 2016 Marathon

I worked with Steve to prepare for the 2016 Berlin Marathon. I had previously run 8 marathons, and despite “doing everything by the book,” my previous marathon PB was 4h27m, set in 2011. After listening to my goals and past running times, Steve put together a dynamic training plan with a focus on varied training runs, sensible pacing and race strategy and provided regular feedback and suggestions on what to change, if necessary, to make the training as effective as possible.

I ran Berlin in 3h38m, which is a 49 minute PB. In the course of my training, I also knocked 5 mins off my 5k time, 8 mins off my 10k time and 19 mins off my HM time . Apart from my wedding day, I don’t think I’ve ever been this happy!


Interested in the mental strategy

pushed in ways I hadn't been pushed before

Steve set me specific mileage weekly including a plethora of different sessions. I was pushed in ways I hadn’t been pushed before with intervals, thresholds, long runs and recovery. Steve updated my plan weekly and was always on the other end of the phone/text when needed. I liked the style in his training and with each session it would say “Be disciplined”, “Be courageous” and “Be patient” which added context. He also offered a mental strategy for the race which is something I believe in. Working with Steve definitely pushed me which is what you need when working with a coach – I ended up with 2 PB’s over a half and full marathon.


Focusing on goals

ran 2:48 in the London Marathon 2016

Steve’s plan and continued support during the spring marathon season really helped me focus on my goal and achieve exactly what I was targeting. The plans are easy to follow, flexible and interactive, working as a starting point for conversation and feedback, both of which Steve is always ready to give.  Steve is adaptable to changing goals and circumstances, (I did a significant part of training on a treadmill in Bangladesh!), and his approach is open, personable and conversational, and balances advice and direction with support and realism.

Dentsu Aegis Run Club

Corey, representing all ages & standards

great desk escape for an hour..

It’s been great to see #DANRunClubLondon evolve from a tiny group of running freaks to an ever growing community of people across the network.  Our twice weekly sessions are designed for all levels, so our tribe stays together while getting a solid work-out.  It’s a very welcoming group and great desk escape for an hour.. can’t recommend enough!



Running and its parallels with life

“I found Steve’s talk that kicked off Carat’s wellness month very inspiring and it’s made me want to run and I’ve actually started doing this and would now call myself a runner albeit a beginner!”.

“I really enjoyed the run club during wellness month. It gave me the motivation to get out of the office during the working day and focused on improving technique, learning useful drills and doing it with other people made it fun and social. Steve Hobbs is a massively knowledgeable coach and tailored the sessions for the group that turned up, meaning that it provided enough of a challenge for all runners, whilst ensuring that everyone was catered for. It is definitely something I’d recommend.”

“I thoroughly enjoyed the run club headed up by Steve Hobbs that was put on during wellness month. I’ve only just recently started running and always go at the same pace, Steve’s classes taught me how to pick up the pace, improve my running form and generally get my heart rate going (much faster than it was)! ”

“Excellent talk about running and life by Steve @the_milestoneP earlier this afternoon” @caratuk #caratlife #WellnessWeek


Wanted to have a crack at doing the best time for a marathon

Steve made me believe it was possible

I’ve always run a bit but in my late 30’s I wanted to have a crack at doing the best time for a marathon that was possible for me. At this point I got in touch with Steve, with an idea of the time I wanted to achieve. Steve made me believe it was possible, and meticulously put together a program that 6 months later left me lighter, stronger and faster than I had ever been, but maybe most importantly, with the belief and confidence that I could achieve my goal at the Edinburgh marathon in 2016. The preparation paid off, I never doubted that I would achieve my goal time of 2:54 and enjoyed the whole experience. I am so pleased that I asked Steve to help me, we achieved something that 5 years ago I genuinely would have thought impossible.


Lives in Wales

he put me in a position to meet my goals which I would not have achieved otherwise

I really enjoyed working with Steve and really believe that he put me in a position to meet my goals which I would not have achieved otherwise. As I live in Wales, I never actually met Steve, (Steve lives in London) but I feel we still had a good level of contact which worked for me. What I liked most about working with Steve was the level of challenge and push and being there as a sounding board during the tough periods.


33, on a big push

I smashed through my 5k PB

Soon after I signed up with Steve at The Milestone Pursuit I started to feel much stronger. I made steady progress and then smashed through my 5k PB (18mins+) in 17.12 and have gone on to record PBs over a mile, 3K and 10K too. My next milestone is a sub 3hr marathon.

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