The Milestone Pursuit in Running

Action-oriented performance coaching for runners of all abilities.

Here are our most popular approaches in order of the level involvement required;

1 . The Early Milestones Audio Programme

An 8 week coaching programme delivered by podcast designed for those new to running, but also for those who would like a bit of affordable support as they develop.

You will receive 1 audio coaching session a week that you simply download and listen to on the run as if your coach is there with you. The podcast also outlines what else you should be doing with your training. Further support is provided by direct access to a coach, along with hints, tips and relevant articles etc. from our closed WhatsApp and Facebook groups.

Starting with programmes designed to help you reach 5k or improving your 5k performance, this programme extends up to the half-marathon distance.

Cost just £7.50 (plus VAT) per month

2. Just Run

Just how it sounds. A no-frills, easy to access coaching programme designed for people that want the rigour of coach led sessions but the flexibility to run them when they want. We give you 3 sessions a week based on your milestones, you run them whenever you want. Too easy (it’s just the running that might be hard!).

Cost £25 per month for a limited period (lockdown offer!)

3. The Full Pursuit

A full and detailed day by day plan designed to help you meet specific and challening running goals with frequent communication with your coach.

We are experts in endurance running and we are coaches of people. Our coaching recognises that you are individual and have a dynamic life that influences your ability to pursue your milestones. We provide bespoke training plans that detail your sessions, day by day, and include how you can use our values of Patience, Discipline and Courage within each session. The plans are constantly dynamic as your needs will change based on your performance and your lifestyle. Frequent direct communication with your coach is a necessity as we produce the best results when we have strong relationships with our athletes, who in turn, commit to the process. 

Contact us for a quote.

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The Full Pursuit

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Early Milestones

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Virtual Company Run Clubs

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Running mechanics ASSESSMENT

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