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Now, we realise that the world is full of free content, just as it’s full of free training plans and endless often conflicting advice about running and fitness. So why on earth would you sign-up for this?

Here are some examples of the things you will get. We will provide a number of consistent features including;

  • Our Elite spotlight – in-depth updates from international athletes, Josh Griffiths and Charlotte Purdue into their training. This won’t be the kind of stuff you get on social media, it will be in-depth analysis of their training, including a description of what they were looking to get out of it and how it went for them – our pilot email contains a great example from Josh.
  • Athlete spotlight – insights into the performance of real people – our clients
  • Details of our Pop-up run sessions. Join us and run with other people like you at a time and location that works for you (in the London area). These coach-led sessions will “pop-up” at various times and locations and will have a varied structure. For example we might meet in Battersea Park at 7pm on a Wednesday for tempo running, Hampstead Heath at 8am on a Thursday for hills or King’s Cross at 1pm on a Monday for speed work. There may be some consistency, but there will mainly be variety – we want everyone to be able to access at least one of our sessions each month and of course, as well as being able to run with other people you’ll also get to actually meet us for real and experience real (not online) coaches. The only way to know about them is to sign-up.
  • The Milestone Pursuit – we will also report on the progress of British marathon running, inline with our own pursuit – to help improve the standards at the top end of our sport.

We will also host unique perspectives from experts on the following topics ;

  • Nutrition
  • Kit
  • Injury management
  • Psychology
  • Running technique
  • Preparing for the London Marathon

All the content will come with depth and it will be a lot of work, we don’t mind that, we want to give you true value. We’re not after clicks, or ad Revenue or brand engagement, we’re after value to you, real people that run.

What’s not to love?

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