Steve Hobbs

Posted by Steve Hobbs

“I founded The Milestone Pursuit after a long career in media and advertising to combine my passions for sport and for coaching people. I believe in the mutually beneficial co-existence of sporting excellence and sport for all and think that running is unique in how elites can inspire beginners AND vice versa. Running is for everyone and is a great way of showing people the true potential that sits inside them and that is reflected in the work we do at The Milestone Pursuit in running and in business.

The pinnacle (to date!) of my own running career with Victoria Park Harriers and Tower Hamlets AC, where I also Coach, includes a 2h 30 (and a bit, grrrr) Marathon and completing the legendary Comrades (Ultra) Marathon inside the top 100. My highlights as a coach are in helping very many people to marathon success from elites to beginners, and in recent times, adapting through the pandemic to create a podcast-led approach to coaching people at all levels. At no stage in my life before March 2020 did I foresee a world where I would be recording dozens of training sessions for others to listen to (and claim they enjoy) but I’ve really enjoyed doing it, and learned loads along the way.

I am also a soon-to-be a certified Executive Coach, and take a highly action-oriented approach to my coaching in business.

Based in the beautiful and ever-evolving Epping Forest, I love running The Milestone Pursuit and take an enormous amount of value from seeing people fulfill their potential, in any context and am highly appreciative of all the people that have supported that along the way.

Mandy Dohren

Posted by Steve Hobbs

I joined The Milestone Pursuit in 2020 having been interested in becoming a professional coach for some time. I also work for myself as a designer and among many other projects I’ve worked on, I designed the imagery on this site. I am a qualified British Athletics Running Coach and have a strong track record in performance myself. With PBs of 2h 52 in the marathon and 1h 24 in the half (see here for more), I have experience as an athlete that I like to bring to my coaching.

From Lancashire, but now living in East London, running has always been important to me beyond performance, and I really enjoy helping others no matter what stage of their running journey they are at”

Rhys Williams

Posted by Steve Hobbs

“I’m a sports nutritionist based in South West London. Currently I work at Graze.com and London Welsh Rugby club as a Performance Nutritionist. Alongside this, I work with a number of private clients from a variety of sports and abilities. I gained my BSc from Loughborough University and am studying my postgraduate Diploma in Performance Nutrition at the IOPN.

Nutrition is an incredibly personal subject, there is truly no ‘one size fits all’ formula and my approach reflects this. After an initial 15 minute consultation, we can create a tailored nutritional plan based around your lifestyle and training to help achieve your performance goals. Get in touch to find out more!”

Ewan Cameron

Posted by Steve Hobbs

After a long period in the running wilderness (in which I spent time as a diving (not driving) instructor and a world champion at some random sport in the middle east), I returned to the sport in 2016, running the Edinburgh Marathon in 3h 26, and have then embarked upon a personal journey to be the best I could possibly be.

Working with Steve as my coach, I ran a succession of marathon PBs, always looking to build and develop what we did before, with the latest one in Dec 2020 of 2h 19m 17s. In that time, I enjoyed plotting my own progress so much I also developed my coaching skills as British Athletics running coach and have been working as a coach with The Milestone Pursuit since 2019.

In my coaching, I believe in the untapped potential of people of all ages, and being a bit of a data geek, I often find myself delving deep into my athlete’s data set, and I am fully versed in the use of Power as a training and racing data set that can drive improved performance.

I grew up in Kent, where I showed some promise in the sport, before then spending my 20s and 30s in various locations around the world. I settled in East London for a while, but I am now based in Edinburgh, where I am enjoying lots of out and back long run along the beautiful but blustery coastline”

Stu Holliday

Posted by Steve Hobbs

I am a Chartered Sport Psychologist with experience working at Olympic, Commonwealth, and Premiership level with athletes and teams for Archery, England Netball, and Liverpool FC, and PGA Golf for Chimp Management Ltd.

Prior to this, I worked for 10 years as a Project Manager for Skype, Sony PS, and the BBC, so have a wealth of experience from both fields and can honestly say whether you are an athlete, business person, or weekend warrior, I have walked in your shoes!

I’m a participant in sport myself running, cycling and playing tennis. I’m passionate about nurturing a healthy body and mind and believe everyone is capable of making gains, whether for performance, ranking, or simple enjoyment.

Due to personal experience and a passion for endurance sport, I have conducted research with Professor Andy Lane (University of Wolverhampton, Marathon Talk) into how people use brief psychological tools to improve their performance in athletics which should be published in a peer-reviewed journal in 2021.

The thing that unites my two careers and interests of business and sport is my ability to help people flourish in high-pressure environments to deliver performance when it matters. I am supervised by Pete Lindsay (Mindflick co-founder) and am accredited to use and debrief the Spotlight psychometric tool with clients.