Steve Hobbs

“I founded The Milestone Pursuit after a long career in media and advertising to combine my passions for sport and for coaching people. I believe in the mutually beneficial co-existence of sporting excellence and sport for all and think that running is unique in how elites can inspire beginners AND vice versa. Running is for everyone and is a great way of showing people the true potential that sits inside them and that is reflected in the work we do at The Milestone Pursuit in running and in business.

The pinnacle (to date!) of my own running career with Victoria Park Harriers and Tower Hamlets AC, where I also Coach, includes a 2h 30 (and a bit, grrrr) Marathon and completing the legendary Comrades (Ultra) Marathon inside the top 100. My highlights as a coach are in helping very many people to marathon success from elites to beginners, and in recent times, adapting through the pandemic to create a podcast-led approach to coaching people at all levels. At no stage in my life before March 2020 did I foresee a world where I would be recording dozens of training sessions for others to listen to (and claim they enjoy) but I’ve really enjoyed doing it, and learned loads along the way.

I am also a soon-to-be a certified Executive Coach, and take a highly action-oriented approach to my coaching in business.

Based in the beautiful and ever-evolving Epping Forest, I love running The Milestone Pursuit and take an enormous amount of value from seeing people fulfill their potential, in any context and am highly appreciative of all the people that have supported that along the way.

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