We bridge the gap between strategy and execution, by creating tangible action plans that deliver personal and business milestones, holding people to account along the way.


We use lessons and principles from sport to help teams set motivating goals and then set plans to deliver them

We work with you as an individual to develop your mindset to deliver challenging objectives that align with both your business and personal career goals.

Businesses are great at setting ambitious goals and strategies, but strategies are only as good as their execution. Ambitious business goals often get forgotten in the challenges of day to day business as we neglect a step by step plan to deliver them, and/or review progress regularly enough.

That’s like an athlete saying they want to run a specific marathon time without having a plan to get there, then going through the process with no attention to how they are actually progressing or adjusting the plan in response to that progress. No one would do that, would they? 

The discipline of Psychology recognises human performance (defined as growth and development in practice), is achieved by setting difficult, challenging targets that are met by carefully working to a process that ticks off separate milestones along the way.

For people in business to perform at high levels over a sustained period, we develop them to think and act in the same way as athletes.

We are a team of skilled coaches, psychologists and elite athletes that help turn business visions and plans into measurable reality.

What we do: We train individuals and teams as we would train sportsmen and women to help them to;

We do this using evidence based methods that have worked with elite sportspeople via workshops and 1-1 sessions. We use principles from sport and human performance to provide facilitation on the business strategy vision and goal alignment but crucially we take our work all the way through to practical deployment as practical deployment is where the gains can be made. Improved staff productivity, improved staff retention/turnover, better teamwork/communication, less sickness days, client retention and client NPS and ultimately profitability are all expected outcomes.

Our credibility and experience;

Steve Hobbs is a former managing director of a media agency, skilled at working with diverse teams to set and achieve realistic yet challenging milestones. MBA educated, Steve’s strength is understanding and reading how organisations function to implement positive change and deliver successful outcomes. He has successfully designed and managed the implementation of structural changes in business, and understands that that involves working well with individuals to work through the challenges they face as well as building successful teams.

Stuart Holliday is a former project manager who worked for 10 years in the UK and Europe for blue chip organisations including the BBC, Sony Playstation and Skype. He managed both internal and 3rd party teams of people developing and motivating staff in their performance to deliver projects and programmes of work. This led him to train into the World of high performance sport and performance in 2008 and into Team GB for the 2016 Rio Olympic and Paralympic games, Liverpool FC Academy and the England netball team. The thing that unites his 2 careers is his ability to help people flourish in high pressure environments to deliver performance when it matters.

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