Early Milestones

Do you want to improve your running? Have you done couch to 5k and now want to progress to a longer distance, or to be able to run 5k faster or more comfortably? Perhaps you want to run a half marathon when races resume?

Yes? Then why not join our innovative Early Milestones coaching programme to receive qualified support and guidance.  Uniquely delivered by podcast, the programme runs for 8 weeks from the first Monday of each month with the next one starting on September 7th.

Here’s what others have to say about it;

“A brilliant and affordable way to access a running coach plus peer support.” 

“Another great and motivational session, I don’t think you would do these sessions otherwise by yourself.”

“Life changing. During the last 8 weeks I’ve pushed myself way beyond what I thought I could do and enjoyed almost every session!“

“Feedback from Steve and my fellow participants in the WhatsApp group was really motivating…..a sort of virtual running club.”  

“You have genuinely changed the way I run.”

“Steve introduced me to aspects of running such as mindfulness and strength training which as a novice I hadn’t even thought of.”  

Or of course, you can try the approach for yourself with one of our freely available sessions;


There are 4 imaginatively titled stages for you to choose from

Stage 1 – Building up to 5k – for those new to running and looking to build up to 5k

Stage 2 – Getting faster at 5k – for those that can run 5k and now want to be able to run it faster or more comfortably. 

Stage 3 – Moving up to 10k – for those that can run 5k and now want to run further.

Stage 4 – The Half Marathon – for those that can run 10k and now want to run further

How does the programme work?

Simple. Each week you will receive one audio training session via an exclusive podcast – recorded by Steve Hobbs while he runs himself, you simply download the recording and listen to it on the run as if Steve is there with you – an approach so successful that it featured in The Guardian. Each recording includes hints and tips on the psychology of running as well as the physical aspects.

You will also have direct access to Steve through membership of a WhatsApp group which gives you the opportunity to ask questions and  to connect with like minded people..

And the best bit? All of this costs just £7.50 (plus VAT) per month. Bargain!

To sign-up, all you need to do is click here or on the Patreon logo below and register for the Early Milestones package. Then just follow the instructions you’ll be sent, and you’re off and running, it’s really that easy.

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