Early Milestones

It is amazing to see so many people using running to protect their mental health and improve their physical health as we endure these troubling times. There may never have been so many runners.

We are aware that many runners would value some affordable support so we are launching a new audio-led coaching programme – Early Milestones – which is aimed at those new to running as well as to those who would like some help as they develop.

The Early Milestones programme starts with 2 levels (we tried to think of fancy names for them, but decided to call them just what they are):

Stage 1Building up to 5k – for those new to running and looking to build up to a distance of around 5k

Stage 2Getting faster at 5k – for those that can run 5k but want to be able to run it faster or more comfortably. This stage is suitable for runners of all abilities.

We will be adding Stages 3 (going from 5k to 10K) and Stage 4 (going from 10K to Half marathon) soon.

What does it involve. 
The programme, delivered by podcast, runs for 8 weeks from the first Monday of each month, starting June 1st.

Each week you will receive one audio training session via an exclusive podcast – only available if you sign-up to the Early Milestones package. These sessions are recorded by your coach while they run them themselves, an approach which has been such a success that we were featured in The Guardian. You simply download the recording and listen to it on the run as if your coach is there with you. Alternatively, some people prefer to listen to it before they run, so they know what the session involves and how to execute it. These podcasts also include an outline for what else to do with your training that week, as well as lots of other training tips and advice as you go through your programme.

In addition to the podcast, you will have direct access to your coach through
Membership of a WhatsApp group and/or closed Facebook group which gives you the opportunity to ask questions and gives us the opportunity to provide more hints/tips/relevant articles etc.

All of this costs just £7.50 plus VAT per month. Bargain.

To sign-up, all you need to do is click on the Patreon logo below or follow this link to our page on Patreon.com and register for the Early Milestones package. Then just follow the instructions you’ll then be sent, and you’re off and running, it’s really easy.

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