Marathon Milestones

Marathon training is hard, it can be lonely and there is lots of sometimes conflicting advice in internet-land. But the marathon is also life-changing and so we have developed a programme designed to help you get the most out of your experience.

I’ve already recommended it to a friend! It really is an experience not just a training plan. I thoroughly enjoyed the variety of sessions and the podcasts were informative, made me work much harder, and ultimately meant I got more out of the experience. It prepped me physically and mentally for the life-changing event that is running the marathon!”

Designed mainly for first/second time marathoners but still open to anyone who wants to get more out of their experience, Marathon Milestones is a podcast led programme – a bit like couch to 5k but for the marathon, delivered by experts with added benefits.

What it includes;

  • An outline training plan over 21 weeks – so you know what’s coming, but please note that you dont have to do it all, and you can start at any point.
  • At least one specific training session each week via podcast – including mindfulness, speed sessions, strength exercises, long runs – we run with you
  • Membership of a whatsapp group to facilitate support from peers and coaches – hints, tips, inspiration and a place for you to ask any question.
  • Special features from experts in their field including international marathoners Josh Griffiths and Natasha Cockram.

What you get, in no particular order;

  • Accountability – “Another great and motivational session, I don’t think you would do these sessions otherwise by yourself.
  • Companionship – “having the podcast made me feel like I had a friend to run with who knew what they were doing”
  • Structure – “Fantastic series, with a training plan, engaging content and a real incentive to grab your trainers and go for a run. Throughly enjoyed the series
  • Support – “a great combination of a podcast to support you on the run to a whatsapp group to share with, worry with and finally celebrate with”
  • Expert advice – “An insightful running and life coaching programme to take anyone from zero to marathon runner in 21 weeks.

Your coach

Your coach is Steve Hobbs. He has run 20 road marathons all over the world, and has completed the London Marathon 10 times. Starting in 2001 with 3h 37, and now with a personal best of 2h 30, he is well placed to talk about what it takes to train for and complete a road marathon. See more about Steve here;

You can listen to Steve (on the run, of course), explaining what the programme is all about here;

Why should you do it?

Completing a marathon is a life-changing experience, yet getting to the start line is hard – there is a lot to do and a lot to learn. Support, companionship, structure, accountability and knowledge make a massive difference and that’s what the programme is designed to deliver. From there we are confident that you will toe the start line ready for your life to change.

And the best bit? All of this costs just £7.50 (plus VAT) per month.

What do you need to do next?

The programme starts when you want it to. You can join (and leave for that matter) at any time, and it can be used for any marathon event, virtual or real, at any time. Although some of the content is particular to London, the principles can be applied beyond.

To sign-up, all you need to do is click here or on the Patreon button below and register for the Marathon Milestones package. Then just follow the instructions you’ll be sent, and you’re off and running, it’s really that easy.

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