The Membership Scheme

What is it?

It is a unique ongoing series of in-depth webinars and podcasts about running and beyond, supported by an online platform.

It costs £8.99 a month, cancellable and restartable at any time.

What does it involve?

There will be a new podcast or webinar every week following the key principles of the scheme – that it is in-depth in style AND contemporary in approach – I.e it is digital, remote and flexible.  

Members receive access to 3 elements;

  1. Webinars
  2. Podcasts
  3. Our Online platform

Who is the Membership Scheme for?

It is for anyone at any levels of current capability. 

That may mean that not everything is interesting for everyone all of the time and that’s ok. It is designed to be flexible – you can watch, listen or take part when, if and how you want. 

We are not a gym or a mobile phone company so there are no lock-in periods. You can become a member for £8.99 forever, for just one month or anything in between. You can even cancel and re-start if one month’s content isn’t interesting for you but the next one’s is.

The detail;


Live online sessions will take place every other Friday at 12pm. (Recordings will be available for a limited time afterwards).

They will have a coaching focus and rotate between run coaching and broader content that is applicable to running AND the rest of life.

Podcasts will also be published every other week and will be unique to members.

They will feature all the things that have been happening on the publicly available podcast since April 2020, and will rotate between in-your-ear workouts, recovery rambles relating to run-training or something broader and conversations with other people, including the elite athletes we invest in.

The full content calendar for Q1 (and into April) 2024 is below. Our first block focuses on moving into a new year AND preparation for spring marathons.

Online Platform

Members also get access to The Milestone Pursuit platform, hosted on Discord, which is an aggregation of all of the content above (and more). Content you will find on the platform includes;

  • Details of webinars
  • Links to podcasts
  • Chat / forum discussion
  • Training  / Health Information
  • Race reviews / Course maps 
  • Updates on British marathon running 

How do I sign-up?
Signing up is really simple, just click HERE, enter your details and then you will shortly receive an email with all the links and details you need to join.

If you have any questions or thoughts about any of this, please contact steve@themilestonepursuit.com

Thank you

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