The Full Pursuit

What it is

We are experts in endurance running and we are coaches of people. Our coaching recognises that you are individual and have a dynamic life that influences your ability to pursue your milestone. Our coaching also takes account of all of your life. It is much more than “just an online plan”. We provide bespoke and dynamic training plans that detail your sessions, day by day, and include how you can use our values of Patience, Discipline and Courage within each session.

The plans are constantly dynamic as your needs will change based on your performance and your lifestyle. Frequent direct communication with your coach is therefore a necessity as we produce the best results when we have strong relationships with our athletes, who in turn, commit to the process. 

What you can expect

  • An upfront consultation into your goals, experience, capability and lifestyle
  • A bespoke, detailed day by day training plan designed to meet your milestones
  • Details on how to apply our values of Patience, Discipline and Courage each day
  • Frequent direct communication with your coach via any one of a number of channels
  • To be supported, held to account and to expected to commit to the process
  • To prepare properly, physically and psychologically, for race day

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