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As featured in The Guardian, our podcast is a predominantly made up of audio run coaching sessions, from speed sessions to hill reps to mindfulness in running to easy runs with chatter, there is something for everyone. All the sessions are uniquely recorded while we run too.

Simply download the podcast and listen to it on the run as if we are there with you. Alternatively, some people prefer to listen to it before they run, so they know what the session involves and how to execute it. Some people have even been known to use them to get to sleep…..

These podcasts also include training tips and advice and inane chatter about coping with the world we are living in.

Here are just some of the things people have said about it;

“Ran with this session this morning (mindfulness in running). Loved it! I needed a break from a rather chaotic household with kids.”

“I discovered your podcast via the Guardian’s “Fit in My Forties” column at the weekend and ran to the first episode, Mindfulness in Running, on Sunday and again this morning. In a word, it was brilliant. Fan letters are not normally my thing, but I wanted to let you know how inspirational I found this episode. I never noticed the distance or any tiredness because I was so caught up in the moment and reflecting on what was happening with my feet, head, arms etc. I like to think that my technique is improving as a result of your gentle guidance. “

“Another great and motivational session, I don’t think you would do these sessions otherwise by yourself. Nice one.”

“These are really lonely times for us runners. I really appreciate the banter, heavy breathing as you are running etc, it feels like we are not alone and that someone who would motivate and push us in real life is there with us. Especially for the hard sessions.”

See for yourself…..it’s available on itunes, Spotify among other platform providers through Acast

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