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Our exclusive monthly e-magazine full of insights that will improve your running. A deliberate antidote to short form content, The Monthly Milestone offers in-depth articles, blog posts,opinions and advice. Typical articles include updates from Charlotte Purdue and Josh Griffiths on their training and progress to their goals, spotlights on the performance of our own athletes with a focus on how they reached their milestones, thoughts on psychology, kit, technique, nutrition. 20% of all subscription revenue from The Monthly Milestone goes directly into our fund to support elite British marathon runners.

These newsletters will also include details of the locations and timings of our unique pop-up run clubs where you can run with others to get more out of yourself

What you can expect

  • An in-depth monthly e-magazine
  • insights into the performance of the superhuman elite athletes we support
  • insights into the performance of real people – our clients – you!
  • updates on the status of British marathon running 
  • expert views on nutrition, kit, injury management, psychology, running technique
  • to contribute to the success of elite British marathon running

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